Here's what you'll receive:

Timely Service


Your party is on Saturday. Your lawn is scheduled to be mowed on Friday. Your lawn care service doesn’t show, and there is nothing more frustrating.

We get it. Which is exactly why we show up on schedule!.

No Contract Mowing

Lawn Kings does not require any contracts for our Premium Lawn Mowing or Lawn Care!

We don't "lock" you into any contracts because we don't need to, we know you'll love our services. Quality is the foundation of our business. We do require that you at least give us time to turn your lawn around and get it up to our standards with a 4 cut minimum.

Phones Answered


How many times have you called a lawn care service provider only to leave a message that is not returned for 3 days if at all?

Not the way we do business. Your phone call will be answered or returned immediately.

Professional Appearance


Your lawn care guy shows up in front of your home with a push mower hanging out the back of a 92 rusted Buick with a missing hubcap. He’s also rocking a tie-dye t-shirt with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Lawn Kings shows up with the right equipment, professional uniforms, and we have a No Smoking policy for all of our employees.

Convenient Billing

Tired of leaving checks under your front mat to get rained on, lost, or not picked up for several days?

We offer convenient auto pay credit card billing so you are squared away with peace of mind


We Close Gates


You pull up in your drive after a long day at work and see your gate has been left open. Now instead of getting home and relaxing, you spend the remainder of the evening searching your neighborhood for your lost dog.


Our employees will NEVER leave a gate unsecured that was supposed to be closed. We will always place it back the way it was when we arrived.

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