Water Features: Ponds, Streams, and Fountains

The addition of a water feature in your yard helps soothe the stresses of everyday life. Adding plants to your yard, mowing, and fertilizing your lawn is a great start, but it lacks the tranquil flow that a fountain, pond, or stream offers. A well-designed yard makes a bold statement about the homeowner. You could choose a wide variety of water features to add beauty and relaxation to your front or back oasis.


An experienced Utah outdoor water feature expert should help you decide which type of water feature is best for you. In most cases, they’ll even be able to supply all the necessary materials. Choosing a fountain to install usually comes down to preference, but ponds need to be a lot more practical. The reason being is for the size, the types of filters you may need, how deep the pond will be, and which pond liner is best for your terrain. 


Installing a water feature


Small water features, especially with static water, can be easily installed by even the most amateur of DIY-ers; However, anything larger or with running water would require the assistance of an expert landscaper. This is most important with ponds. 




It would be best if you considered adding lighting to your pond, as you don’t want to bump into it or fall into it in the dark. It also adds a lot more enjoyment to your pond, especially on cool summer evenings. Usually, you could rely on installing solar-powered lamps. However, they don’t wholly illuminate the pond, so you could still bump or fall into it in the dark. In any way, you should contact an electrician to help you best decide which lighting you need for your pond. Adding things like spotlights or mood lighting will add premium visibility and an even deeper level of luxury to your pond.




Most water features look after themselves to a certain extent. Any water feature with running water will need extra care, such as cleaning the spout or drainage. If you keep fish inside your pond, you will need to clean it out regularly. Luckily for you, Lawn King’s water feature landscapers offer such services as spring cleaning for your water feature. Getting a skimmer to remove leaves and debris from your pond is a must. In the hot summer months, you will need to refill your pond as well, due to evaporation.