Sprinkler watering grass

When to Turn Your Sprinkler System Back on?

Spring is almost here, and at this time, we get the common question, which is, “When should I turn my sprinklers back on?” Most people in Utah call us to get a generic answer like, “on the first day of spring” or “the first day when night temperatures are above freezing.”  However, the correct answer for everyone is “whenever night temperatures stop going below freezing.”

Your sprinkling system will never know when it’s the right time to water your lawn. It will turn on whenever you turn it back on. This leads many Utah residents to make mistakes when turning on their sprinklers too early and damaging their sprinkling system, mostly when their lawn was not ready to be watered.

Avoid Bursting Pipes from Low Temperatures

The biggest problem is how erratic weather can be here in Utah. Sprinkler system pipes get damaged when the water inside the pipes is cold enough to freeze. This is the reason you winterize your sprinklers in the first place.

Some people tend to feel it is spring whenever they think it’s starting to climb over 50+ degrees Fahrenheit. We guess that it just reminds people of the flowers blooming, the sun rising, and lush grass, making them assume it’s the perfect time to turn on their water. However, if even on one night the temperature drops before 32 degrees, you can expect the water to freeze in your irrigation system and cause significant damage.

Nowadays, it’s easy to check the weather on your phone’s app. If you feel it’s near the time to turn on your sprinkling system, check your app and make sure that the weather permits you to turn it back on. Make sure that you’re checking both daytime and nighttime temperatures.

If you find that it is time to turn your water back on, make sure to slowly and check your sprinkler heads for any debris, hard water, or anything that could block it. Turning the water back on with broken or poorly maintained equipment is a sure way to risk long term damage to your irrigation system, even if the timing is perfect.