Should Your Yard Have A Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are common throughout the Salt Lake valley, as many homes are built on a hillside.  While very beautiful, they also serve many essential functions to a home landscape.  A retaining wall can protect structures in your yard, such as a patio or sheds.

Turning a sloped hill into level soil with a retaining wall slows water flow. Slowing the water runoff protects your yard from flooding and heavy rainfall.  The flat stretch of dirt breaks the water’s momentum and allows the rain to percolate into the soil.

Retaining Wall Installation

A retaining wall can significantly increase the amount of useable area in your yard.  Hillsides are often unusable, but turning it into a level surface makes it excellent for a garden, patio, or opening up your lawn for more convenient walkways.

There are many reasons to consider building a retaining wall.  How your home is positioned on your property can be a great reason to raise one.  Even if your home is atop a hill and flooding may be an issue, you likely don’t have much space for entertaining guests or a sizeable garden.  If you Strategically develop many small retaining walls to make steps, add usable land for gardens or an area for a fire feature.

If the opposite is true, and your home sits at the bottom of a hill, there is a serious risk of flooding.  Structures and drainage systems with a retaining wall can prevent flooding and decrease erosion.  Lastly, if your home features a walk-out basement or you’d like to construct a patio or pool, a retaining wall will protect the basement entrance or provide a large enough level surface to make a pool or patio.

A Beautiful Investment for Your Home

Retaining walls are an excellent investment for your home as they add interest and a wonderful aesthetic to your landscaping.  Retaining walls increase the value of your home when selling or taking out an equity loan.  It’s crucial to incorporate the wall when planning your landscape to ensure it fits into your design.  This will help you make the most of your yard and create the spaces you want.  Retaining walls are also great for added privacy.

There are different kinds of retaining walls.  Which type is best for your home may be dependant on your property’s topography.  Gravity walls are simple and use the weight of blocks or stones to hold the wall together and the dirt.  Engineered walls use a geogrid to hold back the soil, and the outside is typically finished with a stone veneer to provide a pleasing aesthetic to the underlying material.  Materials often used for retaining walls include segmental blocks, natural stone, wood timbers, and poured concrete.

If you have a retaining wall project, give Lawn Kings a call at 801-940-4435.  Our landscaping experts will work with you to meet your project’s needs and help you create the perfect outdoor living space.