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Serving in and around Layton, Utah

We do water features the right way!  Water is one of the main elements of life.  Consequently, a water feature can add aesthetic beauty, serenity, and hydrospace tranquility to your yard.  No matter the service you need, let one of our professionals assist you with your water feature repair, maintenance, installation, or design.  Lawn Kings is here to provide expert service regardless of the size or specification you are looking for.  Contact us today for water features from a simple pond to a breath-taking waterfall and everything in between.

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Imagine sitting in your yard listening to the tranquility of moving water while enjoying quality family time or perhaps stealing a few moments to yourself.  Done properly, your water feature will be an eco-friendly, low-maintenance piece of paradise.

Water features can consist of a stand-alone feature or birdbath, or they can be built right into the landscape such as a pond, waterfall, or stream.  Whatever your vision may be, the project will not be too small or too large for us.  We offer our client’s premium design and construction and will take Utah’s unique climate into consideration for optimal year-round pleasure. 

Serving Residential Homes and Properties

We happily provide water feature service to the following Utah cities:  

  • Centerville
  • Mountain Green
  • Fruit Heights
  • Layton
  • Clearfield
  • Kaysville
  • Roy
  • Woods Cross
  • East Layton
  • Bountiful
  • North Salt Lake
  • South Weber
  • Syracuse
  • Peterson




1620 W Hill Field Rd Ste 1, Layton, UT 84041

Water Features by Lawn Kings 

Different construction materials will also be utilized to pinpoint the look you want, whether that be modern, natural, rocky, etc.  Do you want your water feature to be able to support fish or koi?  Do you want it to be shallow, or would you rather it have more depth to it?   Perhaps you want a waterfall with different tiers to it or a gentle running stream through your landscape.  We can also help suggest appropriate pond or water plants enhance your water feature even further than it already is.  Bottom-line – we will help you bring your water feature dream to life right in your own yard.  If you do not yet have an idea of what you want but know you want a water feature, our professionals can provide you photographs, suggestions, and provide invaluable insight to help you conceptualize your ideal setting. 

Perhaps you have a water feature and are frustrated with how it looks or the amount of maintenance that is required to keep it looking pristine.  Our professionals can provide these services as well.  Contact our office today to schedule a time to help bring your visions to life.  We will happily provide a quote to you and discuss the options you have.  

Wounded Warrior Project

Lawn Kings donates a portion of our profits to support the wounded warrior project. You can help by simply using our services, or make donations directly below.

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