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Fences are not an impulsive upgrade you make for your home. You need to think about what you need and want. Things to keep in mind are the color, cost, style, longevity, and durability. Various materials have their pros and cons, including wood, vinyl, chain link, iron, etc. Below is a list of each material’s pros and cons, so you can better decide which material and esthetics are best for you and your home or business.   

Fencing is the first means of privacy. It keeps your pets and children inside, and unwanted trespassers out. It also protects your property. Whether residential or commercial, it’s important to protect yourself and your privacy with a tall surrounding fence. Lawn Kings offers a wide variety of materials for fences. You could choose between the versatility of vinyl, the timeless elegance of wood fencing, the ornamental luxury of wrought iron fencing, or the security of a protective chainlink fencing. Lawn Kings has the professional expertise and innovative equipment to get the job done correctly at a fair price.

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Serving Residents and Commercial Properties

We happily provide lawn mowing service to the following Utah cities:

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  • Layton
  • Fruit Heights
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  • Clearfield
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Wood Fencing


Elegance and timelessness are brought to your yard by wood fencing. It’s associated with an ideal home. And for a good reason, wood fences are one of the most long-lasting options.



Durability: Most wood fencing’s lifespan can range from 5-10 years, it can be extended with sealants and proper maintenance. It has outstanding durability when sustaining impact.


Environmentally Friendly: As most people are becoming more ecologically aware, many settle for wood fencing. Because wood is biodegradable, it has less impact on the environment.



Susceptible to Termites: Wood fences are susceptible to infection by termites. They will also quickly rot if not well maintained. 


Maintenance: Wood fences require maintenance and painting, staining, or sealant regularly.


Vinyl Fencing


Vinyl fences are clean, modern, and attractive. They also require less maintenance than other materials. However, they are prone to fading, rot, or other weathering. Solid vinyl panels create a maximum amount of privacy, while shadowbox vinyl panels allow air circulation and do not entirely block the view. Typically, most panels come can be as tall as 6 feet tall.



Strong: Vinyl fences do not rot, blister, crack, split, or grow fungus as they age or sustain weather conditions. They are resistant to fire and pests. Also, they do not splinter.


Low maintenance Required: Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences do not demand regular painting and staining. 


Easy Installation: Vinyl fences do not require must knowledge to install. If you have the right tools, measurements, and instructions, you can easily install a vinyl fence.



Repair: If any part of your fence is damaged, you will not be able to replace just the damaged area. In most cases, you will have to replace an entire section.

Aluminum Fencing


Aluminum fences are known for their low maintenance, durability, and versatility. They are strong, dustproof, and visually diverse.



Low Maintenance: Aluminum fence require the least maintenance. Because it does not rust like iron, it’s not susceptible to moisture damage like wood and iron. It does not oxidize or rot.



Security and Privacy: Aluminum fences are not ideal for privacy, as they are see-through. 


Installation: The installation of this fence type takes a lot longer than other types.


Chain Link Fencing


Chain link fences are the most popular type of fencing. But why are they so popular?


Low cost: This is by far the least expensive material and installation. 


Durable and Low Maintenance: Chain link fences are incredibly durable. The wind passes through the open links, so they are not prone to storm or snow damage. If properly installed, chain links can last for decades. They also require little to no maintenance. The only maintenance could be cutting off plants that may have grown through the links.


Visual Variety: Chain link fences come in several varieties. There are the usual silver steel ones. However, you can get color coated chain links.


Climbable: Most chain links are climbable, making them a poor choice for security. 


Aesthetics: They come in different colors, but they don’t offer the same luxurious look like Wood.  

Wrought Iron Fencing


You may wonder why you would choose Iron fencing over other materials. The most crucial factor would be its offer for security and durability.

 Additionally, its industrial and exotic look leaves visitors awestruck. 


Durability: Iron fences are incredibly durable and hard. Most people desire fencing materials that will stand the test of time.


High Security: If you were to have an iron fence installed, expect the most safety fences, especially if the fence is combined with electric fencing.


Impact Resistant: Iron fences have a high impact resistance, making it ideal for high-risk environments.


Low Maintenance: Aside from the high overhead upfront cost, iron fences are low to maintain. 


Challenging to install: Iron fences are even more complex and challenging than aluminum fences.


Cost: They take longer to install, and they are the most expensive. Expect to invest a lot of money and time if you feel that iron is your ideal fence solution.


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