Preparing your Yard for Fall

Fall is here, and it is an important time of year to take care of your lawn, landscape, flowerbeds, and more. 

One common mistake that homeowners make during autumn is to believe that maintenance can end. The truth is that you want to stay on top of mowing, watering, and cleanup until the end of October. Below are some helpful tips you can start right away to help your grass and other foliage. Remember that what you do in the fall directly impacts how healthy your lawn will be in the spring.  

Things to prepare your yard for autumn. 

  1. Perform fall clean up
    1. Many residential communities will have fall cleanup where extra debris can be placed on the side of the road for cleanup and removal. Autumn is an ideal time to get rid of dead shrubs, remove that old tree stump and, of course, rake up and remove all the leaves. Remember, moved leaves can be left on the grass to provide a nutritious mulch for the grass.  
  2. Aerate and fertilize your lawn
    1. Aerating and fertilizing your lawn will help to ensure that your turf receives the nutrients they need during the long, cold, and dry winter months. There are specially formulated fall weed and feed fertilizers designed to get your lawn through winter. Aerating will help break up the soil to help prevent water from pooling as snow melts. This step will also help to get nutrients down to the roots of your grass.  
  3. Winterize your sprinkler system
    1. When it comes to water and irrigation, the most important thing is to prepare in the fall so you can avoid costly damage in the winter. Steps include simple things like disconnecting your hose from exterior spigots. It also includes properly storing items in your yard that will become damaged from extreme cold and freezing. You will also want to winterize your sprinkler system to ensure no water is left in the pipes. A good rule of thumb is not to trust automatic manual drain valves. You will want to ensure all water is dispelled using popular methods such as a sprinkler blow-out where compressed air pushes the water out the pipes. 

Call a professional landscaping company. 

It is a good idea to get professionals involved if you are ever unsure of what to do for fall landscaping maintenance. This is especially true if you are new to owning a home, live on a large property, or find yourself not keeping up with lawn and foliage maintenance. 

Lawn Kings is happy to talk about your property’s needs and provide quotes on whether you are looking for fall cleanup, sprinkler winterization, or an ongoing property maintenance agreement. 

If you live in or around Layton, Utah, contact our office today to learn more.