Preparing for Utah’s Winter Snow

Winter is almost here, and in Utah, it’s hard to know when you’ll need snow removal and ice melt services. While sometimes the snowfall is welcomed, it can cause significant problems when trying to get to work or school.

Each winter, Lawn Kings assists an increasing number of residents with snow removal. Whether from a late-night snowstorm or built-up snow piles, our removal services help people get where they need faster, allowing them to take care of their priorities. Whether hindered while running errands or concerned about being late, Lawn Kings is the best choice for snow and ice removal. Rather than spending hours outside, getting cold, and walking away with subpar results, consider the advantages of hiring our snow removal team.

If you find yourself trapped at home due to an overnight storm, your neighbors are likely snowed in as well. Lawn Kings tackles even the densest of snow, assisting residents, commercial companies, and local businesses alike.

We know the most efficient ways to clear snow so you can get where you need to be fast. Our wide variety of equipment helps clear the snow quickly. From snow plow to rock salt, we understand how to best clear your ice and snow.

Ice is dangerous, which is why getting it cleared the right way is so vital. One of the most common causes of car accidents during these winter months is losing control after hitting a black ice patch. It’s also common to lose your balance and fall when walking due to ice. Even small patches of black ice on neighborhood roadways, driveways, and stairs are incredibly hazardous. Whether your stairways or sidewalk is frozen or you notice your road is icy, we have you covered. We have quick ice melt services that take care of even the thickest of ice spots.

Utah commonly has drastic season changes; we often go from lovely autumn temperatures to brisk winter snow within a week or two. Businesses and residents often find themselves unprepared when met with early snow building up to a couple of feet. We are headquartered in Layton, UT, and you can call us at (801)-940-4435.