January and February Yard Maintenance

I know, spring is not yet here – not yet. That said, on some of those sunny January and February days we get, there are things you can be doing in your yard to get a jump on the spring bustle. Many of you may not even be thinking about yard work yet. Below is a list of helpful to-dos that can have a big impact on your yard:

Removing Debris in your Yard

Pine needles and leaves. Even though we all did a big push in the fall to clean up the yard, there remain fallen leaves and pine needles. Raking these up will allow your spring bulbs and tender plants to be able to come forth more easily and break ground. Too, I don’t know about you but I always have garbage and litter that has been strewn about the yard. Perhaps it is from those pesky winter winds. Picking these items up will help your yard look neat and tidy.

Trimming of shrubs and plants. Winter brings with it the need to clear and cut dead branches twigs and stems from many plants, trees, and shrubs. January and February present a good time to address this prior to the plants, trees, and shrubs coming into bloom and prior to new growth presenting itself.

These early months often present a good time to purchase upcoming items that will be needed for spring. As nurses and mail-order, companies such as Brecks (for bulbs) are seeking sales, they tend to discount prices or run specialized ads to try and stimulate sales.

We have had a dry winter. Tender plants, shrubs, and trees still need water especially those areas that tend to be dry even when watered. If you do notice any particularly dry plants, be sure to water them individually. It is not time to hook up the garden hose, but taking a water container and watering those plants, trees, and shrubs that need it is helpful.

Getting Ready for Sping

Although your lawn make look dormant, it is not. It is getting ready to produce new spring growth. Those pesky weeds are going to start sprouting too. If you see any emerge, be sure to spot treat them.

Too, if there are areas of your flower beds that are not frozen, turn or till the dirt. This will help expose any insect eggs and help break apart the dirt.

Don’t despair, warmer weather will be here soon and all of us will be out enjoying the great outdoors!