Christmas Decoration Trends of 2020

So you want this Christmas to be magical, unique, and memorable? I mean, who doesn’t. Christmas is a magical time, full of wonder and gorgeous lights. We’re always amazed at how designers and stylists bring the holiday’s magic throughout all senses – the smells, colors, lights, textures, etc. 

Together we will explore an ample variety of Christmas decoration themes, trends, and ideas that will rekindle your joy and excitement for this holiday season. Trends this year have an abundance of creative holiday spirit to offer. Let’s have a look. 



First on the list is the attempt for sustainability and respect for the environment. Overall this trend introduces new materials and natural elements to Christmas design. The idea here is “less is better,” resulting in a simple yet elegant atmosphere. Color palettes that complement this minimalist decoration are bold and eye-catching, dark burgundy, dark blue, grey, brown, and forest green. This simple method of decoration goes well with metal accents; try throwing in some rust as well. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colors like navy blue. They may seem like a bold choice but paired with white and silver result in atmospheres reminiscent of the cold, dark, starry winter nights. 


Vintage decorations seem like a no-brainer. Christmas is a celebration of tradition and family, after all. Most of us have boxes of old Christmas decorations inherited by our families. So, instead of spending a lot of money on brand new decorations instead, try introducing those precious heirlooms with a new, fresh, decorative twist. Adding rustic and DIY Christmas ornaments can enhance the atmosphere and truly bring to light the feeling of warmth, tradition, and family.



When approaching DIY decor, it takes a lot of premeditation and a specific mindset, but the results are always quite inspiring and unique. DIY can genuinely transform your home into a magical fairytale. These DIY decorations usually stem from natural/organic materials such as pine cones, spruce branches, eucalyptus twigs, and moss. However, this is probably the method that could lead to the most overcrowding, so keep in mind that less is better and keep things simple. Try sticking to 2-4 colors in your palette.

Elegant candles can bring life to your DIY Christmas decorations. However, keep in mind the potential fire hazards you can create.

Try throwing together DIY wreaths as they can create a lot of personalization to your design. You can even tie in your design with a wreathe containing elements and colors of your overall theme. 


Last year we saw a spike in the use of Nordic and Scandinavian decoration styles. These include a minimalistic design with organic elements, such as twigs and branches. The mission here is to go for hyper-simplicity while introducing rustic and natural elements. We feel like this style speaks for itself.