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Choosing the Best Location for a Vegetable Garden

It’s now gardening season again! Growing your own vegetables is a fun way to connect with nature and bring your family, friends, and neighbors together in a productive way. The best thing about a vegetable garden is that you can mix up a variety of vegetables. You can go from a small herb garden to a who patch of vegetables. 

However, choosing the right location is essential to the success of your plants. This is especially true if you have more than one space available. We have compiled a list of factors you should consider before choosing a final location for your garden.

Consider Children

A garden near a swing set is not a good idea for the success of your crop. It’s best to work within an area with an established traffic pattern rather than near a play area. If possible, choose a location out of the way of play areas for children.

Consider Pets

Household pets are another concern when planning the location of your vegetable garden. You don’t want your pets to be using the veggie plot as their new potty. This is especially true with cats, as they love freshly turned soil. Dogs also love to dig up loose dirt. It would help if you considered adding a fence or wire mesh to your plots to keep pets out of your garden.

Consider Neighbors

If you’re planning to place your vegetable garden close to the fenced area of your backyard, consider which type of plants you will be growing. Some plants like zucchini, squash, watermelon, and tomatoes will not pay any attention to fences. These vine crops will grow below the barriers, potentially creating a problem for your neighbors. Adding a raised garden bed can help solve your issue and also create a nicer-looking feature for your backyard.

Enhance Your Plant Growth 

Depending on which plants you choose to grow in your garden, you will have to consider the amount of water and sunshine they need to thrive. It’s essential to have a reliable water source near your garden, so you don’t have to worry about transporting water to nourish your plants. A good idea is to have your garden near sprinkler heads, to water them passively. 

Also, make sure that your garden is located in an area that gets the correct amount of sunlight per day that the plants need. Read any information about your vegetables to make sure they are getting the proper amount of sunlight, as this can impact your yield. 

Starting your vegetable garden can be a gratifying activity and experience. In fact, it’s a project that the whole family can participate in the planting, growing, and enjoyment of having a vegetable garden. However, the location is essential to its success. 

Should you need any guidance, call our lawn care professionals at Lawn Kings to get all the help and advice you need to have a successful growing season. 

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