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We offer a wide range of services allowing us to accomplish all your landscape dreams together. We specialize in taking a blank space and designing a one-of-a-kind outdoor area that fits your needs as well as something that will have all your guests jealous. Our team chooses a limited number of projects to complete each year, giving you the time and attention necessary. We uniquely offer in-house Landscape Designers who will help build your project renderings, allowing you to see a virtual 3D model before we even break dirt!

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Kings offers premium lawn mowing packages that are all inclusive. We always mow, trim, edge, and clean up the clippings accordingly. Our team is here to not just cut your grass, but manicure it in a way that will have your neighbors wishing they had a lawn cut that nice. Find out more about our packages and to request an estimate.

Lawn Care

Our teams know how to get the best out of a lawn while keeping our environment clean. We use Organically Enriched Fertilizers and Soil Treatments so that we don’t just treat your grass, but take care of the soil your lawn grows in. Along with our various outdoor services, we can assist you in keeping healthy, green grass on your property as part of our regular maintenance plans.

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Wounded Warrior Project

Lawn Kings donates a portion of our profits to support the wounded warrior project. You can help by simply using our services, or make donations directly below.

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